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Cruzerlite has recently added skins to their product lineup and covers a wide range of devices. Not only are there lots of devices supports, there are tons of skins options to choose from. This go-round I have the leather skin for the Note 3. In the past I had chosen the carbon fiber green skins, but I wanted to try something new and I was pleasantly surprised when I got the skin dressed up on my Note 3.

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Installation is pretty simple, for the most part. It does require patients and this is not a process to rush through. So I recommend budgeting some time. I have installed quite a few skins in the past and it doesn’t take me as long as it used to. Cruzerlite has done a good job with precise cutouts and the connection points end up rather flush next to each other. Because of the preciseness, more than likely if there is an error, it is because of user error. I say that because Cruzerlite and other skins companies must rely on the customer for installation and I think at times people are quick to blame the company before admitting the installation could have gone wrong on their end. With that said, just take your time and do the best you can. It takes practice and patients. But you’ll be happy with your skin if you take the time to invest in a quality install.

By the way, be sure to have a hot air hair blow dryer handy, as you will need it to soften the curves for the camera area and the bends of the edges.

Cruzerlite proves to be generous by including extra pieces for the front, sides, home button and camera. This is noce because incase you botch an install or later down the road you need to replace a piece, you have extras to fall back on and not need to order more skins.

Upon completing the installation I was actually impressed with how good the Note 3 looked with the new appearance. I have the white Note 3 and now the device looks like a black leather edition. As you know the Note 3 has a faux leather back that only gives off the impression of leather, but now the back IS leather. Makes me think how cool it would be to have an actual leather back versus plastic.


One of the cool things about a skin is that it provides scratch protection and a little bit of impact protection. If you don’t like any bulk whatsoever, but still need some cosmetic damage protection, this is a good option for you.

Overall, I think this skin looks great! Normally, I am not the skins kind of guy but this has my attention. I like the feel of leather on the device. Feels as though this is what the phone should have been made out of in the first place. The only complaint I have and it doesn’t really put fault on Cruzerlite, is that in some areas lint gets stuck to the sides of the skin. It’s a minor complaint, but is something I’d rather not have to deal with. Other than that, the skin looks cool and makes me like I have a new Note 3.

Like the skin? Get it HERE

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