Create amazing time lapse videos on your Android devices

With the Framelapse – Time lapse camera app for Android you can create stunning time lapse videos. The fully featured app lets you record high quality time lapse clips effortlessly thanks to the simple, fast and intuitive interface.

You’ll first need to app installed on your Android 4.0+ device. Framelapse has a free version of the app in the Play Store that will record your time lapses right from the get go, once you have more confidence you can always upgrade to the Framelapse Pro for $2.99 in the Play Store.

Capturing a time lapse video
Don’t get me wrong there are tons of time lapse camera apps out there and they are good, but after trying out a number of contending apps I feel as though Framelapse proved to be the easiest to use, that produced quality results with the least amount of fuss involved. Also the free version of this app doesn’t contain any ads which are a huge bonus in my opinion.


Make sure you have the app installed and open on which ever device/s that you’ll be using. Make sure that you mount you Android device somewhere solid and secure, then point it at your video subject. Then all you have to do is press the shutter button located in the middle on the right hand side.


All you need to do now is walk away from your device (make sure it is stable), and make something to eat, go for a run, do some impulse buying, or catch up with some of your favourite TV series. Everything is working fine you just need to come back to stop the recording before your battery dies. My nexus 6 recorded at 1080p for 30 minutes of real time recording. Or you could create short clips by recording for around 5-10 minutes. Now, enjoy your time lapse video you just made.

I am serious guys it is that easy to create you videos and they look pretty good. I tested It on my OG HTC One (as you know they quality of the camera is sometimes questionable) but the quality of the video from the HTC one is pretty surprising. I changed no settings at all, just installed Framelapse and hit record. In just a few minutes you can see a beautiful moving sky.

What’s next?


To be honest, Framelapse in its default settings is a solid base for most recording situations, but the app also offers the ability to customize most aspects f the recording process. In the top right hand corner it gives you some nifty information of the recording specs. As you can see straight off it is recording at a frame interval of 1 second and set for a speed of 30x. In short, every second of video produced is a result of 30 seconds of real life recording.

The Pro version of Framelapse allows you to capture at intervals up to 24 hours. You’ll have to be pretty committed at getting this shot. But it means that you will be able to capture an entire years’ worth of video in just over 13 seconds of video. If you want to set a custom preset for the video duration, or the frame interval then you will have to go pro. Also if you want to enable sleep mode for those of you who want those magical time lapses then you will also have to go pro as well.
Hope this comes in handy, so I’ll leave it to you to check out and play with, if you so desire.


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