CaseCrown Bolt Bluetooth Keyboard Tablet Folio Stand (Black) for the iPad

This is the first time I have used a bluetooth keyboard for a device like an iPad. CaseCrown has this pretty sweet keyboard that you can use with just about any size tablet. This particular bluetooth keyboard is designed for the 10″ tablet but my iPad mini fits just fine on the stand. The material is a smooth leather and folds like an iPad smartcover. There is a smaller keyboard case CaseCrown provides for the 7inchers but, I think this works well with the iPad mini regardless. Not too mention is I decide to get a larger tablet down the road, I have a bigger keyboard to go with it.


The setup is really easy. All you have to do is turn bluetooth on, on both the keyboard and device, go to the device bluetooth settings, connect to the keyboard and enter the passcode given on the screen by keying in the passcode on the keyboard and press enter. That’s it.

The keyboard packs is many features you will see on a laptop or desktop computer. Such as brightness, music controls and volume controls. Of course there are all the letters, numbers and symbols. You can even punch a key to make the iPad go to sleep and wake up, which is great for battery life.


The power button and usb connection are located on the top of the keyboard and the bluetooth switch is on the right top side of the face on the keyboard.

What I like about this bluetooth keyboard is that it is slim and lightweight. If you like to keep things minimal and portable this is a great option because of the small build combining with the thin iPad, makes for a very minimal load to carry. If all you need is an iPad for work or school this works great. When you’re done using the keyboard simply switch off the keyboard, fold it and go about our business. No wires to pack up and no bulk to worry about.

Like the keyboard? Get it HERE

The Bolt Bluetooth Keyboard

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