Bless This Home – Peacemakers

Matthew 5
Blessed are the peacemakers.
Peace doesn’t mean the absence of bad.
It means the greatest good on you too.
Maybe you grew up with eye for an eye. Jesus says to be peacemakers.
Are we still living in the law? Eye for an eye.
Jesus didn’t say peace keeper. Keepers avoid conflicts. Workaround issues, rather than deal with the issue.

Peacemakers embrace conflict to make peace.
They work through issues not around.

We are not just a Christian home. But a Christ centered home.
Jesus is everything. Our life. At the of the list.
Pastors home is not a perfect home. It’s not conflict or strife free.

Learn as husband and wife to be peacemakers.
Don’t repay evil for evil.

Romans 12:17-18
If at all possible live at peace with everyone.

What do peacemakers do?
Speak the truth in love.
Ephesians 4:12

Love without truth will lead to compromise.

How do I make peace?
Do it when there is not conflict times. Do it when the heat is turned down.
Always confront the issue not the issue.
When you argue in front of people and win, you still lose.
Affirm the person first. Then express the concern.

1 Corinthians 13.

The right thing said the wrong way doesn’t work.

Apologize when you’re wrong.
Remorse is different than repentance.

Sermon By: Pastor Stacy

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