Best charging options for the Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has failed in one department and that is battery life. Therefore users like myself are in need of some charging options to let us enjoy the great phone that it is. Since I have had the S6 I’ve struggled to get a full day’s use of the device, which is a shame. Matter of fact the lack of good battery life has caused me to think twice about even keeping the new flagship Samsung somehow claims to say the S6 gets two days worth of battery life. Rest all the rants aside, for the ones who are stuck with the Galaxy S6 there are some nice charging options out there to help you get through the day.

First of all, the Galaxy S6 comes with two awesome charging features built in, which are wireless charging and fast/quick charging. Thus leaving us with more options than the average phone. Quick charging outweighs wireless charging in my book, but having both creates opportunities to charge up the device in many circumstances.

Wireless Charging

There are tons of wireless chargers to choose from and Best Buy was even including one of their QI wireless chargers when buying the S6 from them. Great to get a free charging pad, but I am not too sure what the quality is like. I do know of a couple to check out.


This wireless charging pad is what I use every night. From my experience TYLT’s Solo charger seems to charge up the device quicker than other QI wireless chargers I have used in the past. Not too mention is looks cool!

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TYLT Wireless Charging Car Mount

Yet another product made by TYLT, this has turned out to be an interesting way to charge up the S6 while on the go. The car mount itself is nice, but the best feature is wireless charging. Being able to simply place the device in the mount and not have to worry about a wire getting in the way or having to plug/unplug when getting in/out of the car is convenient. Just like the Solo, this mount charges the device at a good pace.

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CHOETECH Wireless Charging Pad

CHOETECH has some quality, inexpensive smartphone accessories and fortunately you can get some goodies for the S6. Their charging pads work great and are reliable. I don’t think they charge up as fast of the TYLT models, but they are not priced as high. It’s one of those things, you get what you pay for. If you need something to wirelessly charge quickly go with the TYLT products. If you’re ok with average wireless charging speeds you can’t go wrong with CHOETECH.

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Wall Adapters

CHOETECH 50 Watt 6 Port Desktop Rapid USB Charger 

This is a GREAT alternative or secondary wall charger for the Galaxy S6! It’s good and dandy the S6 comes with a rapid charger, but it’s just one. If you’re like me I need one at the house and one at work. From my experience the S6 needs to start charging about 3pm in the afternoon and leaves me scrounging for a way to charge my phone. This charger is just as good as the OEM Samsung charger packed with the GS6 box.

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Plugable Desktop Charger

Desktop chargers are getting better and is a total solution for charging many devices all at once. Personally, I like to have one of these on my desk and entertainment center. There are many devices like a PS4 controller, iPad, or of course my phone. This particular desktop charger will detect the type of charge needed for each device.


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Car Chargers

ACEPower Smart Car Charger

This is only one car charger I am going to recommend is that is because it has performed very well! The charging speed has been impressive even while charging multiple devices like my bluetooth headset and phone. I also like the build quality a lot. It doesn’t have a cheap plastic feel that seems like it will break not too far down the road.


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Portable Options

ZeroLemon Slim 2800mAh Battery Case

ZeroLemon has provided many battery solutions for tons of devices and they have not left the Galaxy S6 out of mind and I for one am grateful. Let’s say you’re not around any power sources such as a wall or car charger, you’re gonna need some way to connect and get juiced up!


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Cheero Battery Power Bank

This is an option I think everyone should have because of the sheer useful, practical convenience of having a power bank on hand in time of needing to charge just about anything up including tablets. The Power Plus 3 will detect the kind of charge needed for each device connected. I never leave home without a power bank. Mind you this power bank is inexpensive and packs a lot of mAh!

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There you have it! These are some of the best charging options for the Galaxy S6. It’s a shame that such a great phone struggles in one of the most important areas we as a consumer needs, which is good battery life. What’s the point of having such a great phone, but can only hold a charge for a little while? These charging options ought supply you with enough juice to get you through the day. Hopefully a software update will fix the bad battery life, but until then here is what you can do to maximize your Galaxy S6’s battery life. Share this post with your friends and if you have any other suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below.

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