Bane Tech’s coverage on the Galaxy S4

Samsung-Galaxy-S4-release-dateThe Samsung Galaxy S4 is among us and there has been a lot of hype for the new Samsung flagship device. Last year when the GS3 model was released it took the competition to new heights. Samsung really stepped up the game and raised the bar for the smartphone world. Whether you love or hate Samsung or Android, the fact must be respected that they helped increase the standard of quality for smartphones.

The GS3 is what got Bane Tech started so it holds a special place in my heart. I am just as much of an iOS fan as an Android fan. I have been using the iPhone 5 as my daily driver since the week it was released. The way I am wired I am at the point of needed to get my Android fix. Yesterday I pre-ordered the GS4 with Verizon. I am pumped and excited to be able to get in my hands. I wish it was sooner than later. It’s too bad that Big Red doesn’t release the GS4 as soon as they do for iPhones, but that is a soap box for another time.

Needless to say I will be covering a variety of subjects for the Galaxy S4. There will be case reviews, how to guides and tips . Bane Tech exists to assist the everyday user experience. With that theme in mind I want to ask you the viewer of what kind of coverage you want in regards to the Galaxy S4.

Leave me a comment on this post, send a tweet, Facebook message or YouTube comment of what you want me to cover. I’ll be sure to give shout outs to the questioner and I hope to get some good discussion about the GS4.

Cheers! Thanks for reading, watching and being part of Bane Tech!

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