Banana Style Flexible 14-LED Light Lamp for PC from

Let’s go BANANAS! If you’re a book worm, monkey, banana fanatic or has a thing for yellow accessories; this USB LED light is just the item for you. This is very easy to use and operate, simply plug the USB connection in a power source such as a computer USB port or even a cellphone charger adapter and you’re good to go.

The lamp has no on/off switch, so it really is that simple to use because of the plug-n-play feature. Although, I think I would prefer to have a switch to simply turn it off when I don’t want to use it rather than have to unplug it all the way to turn the light off.


The neck of the lamp is completely flexible and can extend above a laptop screen making it rather adjustable. There are 14 LED lights that puts off a good amount of light. I was able to see my keyboard nicely.

I think this is a neat product and could see myself using it for late night tasks for homework, editing or writing articles. Who doesn’t like to save a little money on the light bill?

If you like this LED lamp you can get it HERE

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