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[NEW] Auto-tracking Outdoor Security Camera! Bosma Ex Pro

Auto-tracking Outdoor Security Camera! Bosma Ex Pro. Lately, I have been into finding solutions for camera security. I have used a number of brands and Bosma has been one of my favorites. One of the reasons I like this Bosma Ex Pro camera is because it comes with 12hr cloud service for free. I am so sick of paying subscription after subscription. So it’s a nice break to not have another subscription to worry about. With that said be sure to subscribe to this channel for more videos like this! 

Let’s go over some of the features! 

Common Features

  • Motion Detection
    • Detects motion and records video, also sends notifications to your phone
  • Night Vision
    • Black-and-white infrared night vision at night.
  • 2-way audio (half-duplex)
    • walkie-talkie style two-way talk from your phone to the camera
  • Notifications
    • Receive notifications on your phone for events detected by the camera.
  • Cloud Storage
    • Up to 30 days of cloud storage. Longer storage options require a subscription
    • 12h Free Cloud Storage included
  • Local Storage
    • Requires a “Bosma Home Station” device (not yet released) at home. Secure and free local storage for camera’s video recordings.
  • IP66 water resistance
    • Weatherproof and suitable for outdoor uses, basically
  • 4x Digital Zoom

Unique Features

These are features that are more advanced, or unique to Bosma EX Pro. 

  • 3MP resolution
    • 2304×1296 resolution, 44% higher than regular 1080p security cameras
  • Auto-Tracking
    • Automatically pans the camera to track a person who’s moving within the camera’s view
    • Disabled by default. Enable in-camera settings > Auto-tracking
  • Color Night Vision
    • Provide color images (instead of the traditional black-and-white images) at low-light environments
  • Facial Recognition
    • Recognizes if a person in view matches an existing facial profile. 
    • Need to add facial profile in-camera settings > Facial Recognition
    • Can test face detection in-camera settings > AI Test
  • Anti-theft Alert
    • If the camera’s unplugged and then moved or has its lens covered, it will use its built-in backup battery to record video up to 30min, blast its 110dB siren, and send you a notification. 
    • Disabled by default. Enable in-camera settings > Event Detection > Anti-theft Alert
  • Package Detection
    • Sends you a notification when a package is delivered. Package must be in camera’s view
  • Loitering Alert
    • Sends you a notification when someone stays within the camera’s view for an extended period of time. Can customize settings in-camera settings > AI Recognition > Loitering Alert
  • Activity Zone
    • Draw an area in the camera’s view, so the camera only detects motion events within this area (to reduce unwanted alerts)
  • Advanced Motion Detection
    • Only detects motion of heat sources (i.e. people, animals), thus reducing false alarms (caused by trees, shadows, etc.)
  • Person Detection
    • AI-based person shape detection. Only detect person shapes to reduce false alarms. 
    • Can test person detection in-camera settings > AI Test
  • Auto Spotlight
    • Automatically turn on the spotlight if certain selected event types are detected. Settings are in-camera settings > Auto Spotlight
  • Auto Siren
    • Automatically trigger the 110dB siren if certain selected event types are detected. Settings are in-camera settings > Auto Siren

This camera is perfect for your home or business. I plan to use it at my studio. Love the tracking and cloud storage features! 

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Outdoor Security Camera

Specs provided by Bosma

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