Apple will single-handedly transform the NFC market

Apple has announced the new line of iPhones for 2014 and with that presentation we were introduced to some new features. Of the many new features for iOS devices was NFC support. First of all, NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC is actually widely used in many formats. For examples, gas station pumps and debit/credit card readers. Android users are quite familiar with the terminology and usefulness of NFC and once one has adopted the ability to use NFC, it is hard to part from.

If you have ever seen this symbol like on a debit/credit card reader you might have wondered what it was for…well you could buy stuff…with your NFC enabled device. Yep, no card or cash needed. Just your phone.

Many debit/credit card readers have NFC enabled and ready to use. But the catch is that it is hardly used, well at least in my experience. However, I could blame the southern region I live in who adopts technology at a pace as slow as a turtle. It’s getting better around here, but needs some help. That’s where Apple comes into play.

Apple has been behind in technology in the smartphone department for a while now, but that revelation is only realized by the techies and Android enthusiasts. The average consumer and iSheep have a slim chance to know about what’s going on in the evolution of smartphones because of the close knit ties they have with their iDevices. Granted, I believe Apple makes quality products, but when compared Apples to Apples (pun intended, but not intended), there is a stark contrast in the revolutionary Apple products [insert sarcasm] and what Android has offered for years now.

Case and point…

The Nexus 4 in my opinion was hardly the device to drool over and yet has the same abilities as the current iPhone 6. It’s stunning, I know. There are tons of Android devices that blow the Nexus 4 away, but somehow NFC has yet to take off. That’s all about to change. Apple has a way to change the tide in the mobile industry. Whether you like it or not, Apple is a force to be reckoned with. In just a few minutes of time during the Apple event the world was educated on what NFC is and how they can use it. We started to see a trend of where Apple was going when iOS 6 was introduced in the reveal of Passbook, which is another form of using your device to pay, earn rewards and other mobile purchase options. Of the well informed Apple users and gawking Android users who were anticipating NFC integration, they were sadly disappointed Apple had yet left out an advancement to include NFC in iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5S came along and still no NFC support. But now the iPhone 6 has NFC.


Apple will single handedly transform the NFC market because they have that kind of influence in the mobile industry. Yes, Google plays a huge factor, but has yet to gain overall popular attention to matter in the eyes of the average user. Android has gained a lot of ground in the last couple years in the aspect of who is on #TeamAndroid or #TeamApple. In many polls I have seen through the years I have noticed Android being pretty much at the same level as Apple as of recent polls. The fact remains that although Google has paved the way for innovations such as NFC, the tech giant has yet to win over the majority of users. Apple just has that reputation of trust and security amongst Apple users. 

Banks could possibly benefit the most from Apple Pay. Think about it, people use debit/credit cards (safe to say) more than cash and checks combined. With the adoption of iPhone 6 users using NFC options, mobile payments will skyrocket. NFC is already set in place for people to use services such as Apple Pay. It will be that much easier to pay by phone rather than busting out the wallet and scurrying for the card needed. From observation I believe I have seen phones readily available versus a wallet or purse. 

Personally, I am grateful for Apple finally installing NFC in the next iPhone because it will mean more interest in mobile payments will happen. It is something, as an Android user, been waiting for a long time. Sparingly there are opportunities to use NFC for payments, but like I said in my town it’s not widely adopted yet. Shoot, there are still some places who only take cash, chya! Crazy, I know. It’s 2014 and businesses have yet to give customers the most popular way to pay. 

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