The Apple iPhone 5. First Thoughts.

Apple – iPhone 5 – The thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever..

With the new release of the iPhone 5, what are the features you are more excited about? Anything you did not know from the leaks from the past?

Android users for the most part are used to most of the features that the iPhone 5 has. Such as turn-by-turn navigation (ever since the original Droid), 4G LTE, panorama camera shot and different video chat options over the data network.

Some of the features that stand out to Bane Tech are:

  • Retina Display. My personal device at the moment is the Galaxy S3 and yet the GS3’s display is outstanding in the world of Android, the Retina Display IMO exceeds most of Android screens (to the naked eye). If I put my GS3 and iPad 2 or iPhone 4S, the screen seems crisper without any hues like the GS3 puts out. Don’t get me wrong the GS3’s screen is great, but I like the Retina Display better.
  • The screen also has finger print resistant technology (which in reality doesn’t matter for the fact that most people end up using a screen protector). But it was a nice thought. Glad to see companies putting effort into improving screens, so eventually the need for a screen protector will not be needed.
  • Turn-by-turn Navigation. Although this is behind the times, this is a MUCH needed feature of the iDevice.
  • Battery life – I always like to see the improvement of battery life. The RAZR MAXX set the bar with their mega-battery and I want to see more companies increase battery life. The iPhone 4S was a step down from the iPhone 4, but that is the sacrifice when using dual core processors.
  • The Headphones – The audio quality and the in-call quality has been pretty good with the iDevice, but the comfort level was not up to par. They also ended up hurting my ears. Glad to see the redesign of the structure of the earbud. Looks a lot more comfortable.
  • iOS 6 – This is probably the best feature of the iPhone. This iOS 6 update will perform better and enhance any device that iOS is compatible with.

Those are what sand out to Bane Tech. There are quite a bit more enhancements to check out. What features are you currently looking forward to testing out? What features do you think Apple left out of this device?

Some of the features that Bane Tech. would like to see with the iDevice:

  • Bigger Camera. 8MP is so yesterday.
  • Black Colored Earbuds. The white ones get dirty really fast even with less than moderate use.
  • Left YouTube alone. YouTube will no longer be intergraded with iOS 6. Glad FaceBook was added, but they needed to leave YouTube in the iOS.

For the most part Apple did a good job with this new release of the iPhone. There are some things they did miss out on. With the ever so fast changing tech within devices these days, Apple could have raised the bar. Instead they are still playing catch with Android. For YEARS Apple could just coast along with no worries at all, they had NO competition until Motorla woke the sleeping dragon with the Droid. Android in the last year has really stepped up their games and with companies like Samsung (who’s goal is to be the BIGGEST competitor to the iPhone) will continue to attempt to out-do the iPhone.

A few minor improvements that Apple could have done is increase the camera. There are rumors of a 12-16MP Android Smartphone Camera to be released sometime laste this year or soon there after. Apple will then again be playing catch up in that department. Before assuming that I think the iPhone camera is junk, its not. The iPhone 4S takes great pictures. But what I am saying, lets take it to a whole other level. Apple claims to be the best at innovating  well…let’s see something we have not seen yet. I would love for Apple to blow the competition out of the water. Reason being? Whether you are an Apple Fanboy or Android Lover, Apple does have a major influence in the tech world. If Apple throws in a big game changer, it forces the competition to improve as well.  Meaning all devices on any given platform will improve for everyone.

Bane Tech is excited to for the iPhone 5 release and the other new generations of devices such as new iPods and all the new accessories that come with the big change. Welcome to the new chapter in the wireless device world!

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