Anker Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Wireless Aluminum Keyboard Cover for iPad mini 2 / iPad mini

Sometimes the virtual keyboard on the iPad just doesn’t cut it and an alternative keyboard is needed to accomplish typing tasks. Especially for those long emails, responses and messages. Anker has a great solution for those scenarios. Anker makes a keyboard case that connects via Bluetooth and performs rather well.

At first glance this case looks like it is only half of a product. But this keyboard acts as a case itself. If you are familiar with Apple’s Smartcover then you will notice the edge hinge that attaches magnetically making it a case/cover combo. The keyboard is the cover. With that said you will want to invest in a separate snap-on style case for the back of the iPad to ensure you have full coverage; unless you like to a naked iPad. Personally, I like to have the front and back covered.


Setup is really easy. All you have to do it toggle on the power switch, turn on Bluetooth on the iPad, select “Connect” button on the keyboard, select “Anker Keyboard Case” on the iPad and input the code that pops up on the screen into the keyboard. That’s it.

There is a designated cutout for the iPad to rest in and is constructed to support the iPad in the landscape position. The case will let the iPad sit in the vertical position, but I feel the iPad is more secure in the horizontal stance. The angle seems to be just right for viewing.

The case itself is made of aluminum giving quite the protection needed and remaining slim.

The typing experience will vary with the user, thus my experience will identify with those with large hands and not used to typing on a smaller keyboard. I’m a rather skilled on a MacBook’s keyboard and can navigate it well, so I was curious of how well Anker’s keyboard would do since it seems to feel like it is half the size I am used to. Well, its not really half the size, but its still significantly smaller than an average size keyboard.


The buttons actually don’t feel quite different from my Mac’s keyboard, which was comforting. In all reality the buttons, functions and features are pretty similar to a laptop keyboard. The layout is nice too! Some of the features included are sleep/wake, volume, music, browser and brightness controls. The only reason to touch the iPad’s screen is for cursor purposes.

Overall, I think this is a perfect fit for anyone who likes to not use a case but needs a physical keyboard for typing. If you do like cases, as mentioned above, I would recommend investing in a back snap-on case so you have full coverage. I really like how there are pretty much all the same laptop features built in this Anker keyboard. The aluminum casing is a nice touch to give it good protection and still looks good. I think both the business person and casual user will enjoy this keyboard case. The only thing I would like to have added to this product is a back cover. Other than that, this is a really cool accessory to accompany your iPad.

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