Android Nougat’s Quick Setting Tiles

Quick settings Tiles API

Back in May last year Google presented the Quick settings Tile API which was released as part of the Android 7.0 in August 2016. Developers and third-party can implement drop-down toggles for their apps. Which makes it easier and quicker to change settings on Android. Since the release, the versatility has been extensively used to give users many more options.
I’ll be rounding up apps which provide more functionality and customization for the Quick Tiles. There are hundreds which all d similar things so I will be picking out the best which I believe look, and provide sufficient functionality to you, the user and that I enjoyed.

N Tiles 

N Tiles is one of many apps which allows you to personalize tiles and assign different actions to them. From my testing, this is one of the easiest to use while still packing a lot of functionality. The app’s best feature is that it lets you toggle different types of tiles on and off, so you don’t clutter up your Quick Settings tile list with plenty of options you will never need. There are many including taking a screenshot, adding quick reminders in a smart notification “Quick Reply” manner, shortcuts to any app on your device, and more.


Take Advantage of Quick Settings in Nougat!

Some apps like Spotify and Flamingo (twitter client) provide their own quick settings tiles. Spotify’s quick tile I feel has been thought out, as the offline mode is something which I use on a regular basis. Having it on my quick settings makes the process easier and more seamless than ever. This is by far my favorite quick settings tiles to date.
Todoist Provides a tile for adding new tasks to a specific list which is also very helpful. As many can quickly add a note from their home screen instead of diving deeper into the app to add one.



One cool thing would be if other apps like Google’s own had their own quick settings shortcut. For example, Word could create a tile to start a new document, Google Keep could provide so that you can add a quick voice or written note or ESPN could add one to get updates from your favorite sports team. A weather app could grant you a tile to check your location or a favorite city. The utility is going to vary upon the purpose of the app. Whether it would be faster to place a tile in Quick Settings or go with an app shortcut.


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