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Moment just announced their latest and greatest, the Moment Air! Moment Air, Anamorphic Lens, Filters, & Cases for Drones. This is a new product line for drones. I’ve enjoyed using the anamorphic lens for my phones and this new lens for drones is going to be epic! Imagine capturing those stunning sunsets and city scapes with this anamorphic lens on a drone!

Moment Air

Moment launched the campaign today with a Kickstarter page and delivery is expected (at the moment) in November. You can save 30% now on Kickstarter. This is their 5th campaign.

Anamorphic Lens

What’s an anamorphic lens? Gives your video a cinematic look with juicy flares and black bars. Moment makes an anamorphic for your phone and just this week they announced one for DJI drones.

Airlight Design

Made with aerospace grade aluminum to reduce standard filter weight by 10%. This helps reduce stress on the drone during the flight, which helps with getting smooth footage and safe flights.

iPhone Case

Inspired by filmmakers, drone flyers, and minimalists this is the case you don’t have to take off to use. Its no-slip grip texture makes it easy to hold and its 0.75mm thinness means that it fits into your drone controller, gimbal, or tripod with ease. Its matte black design looks really, really good and it’s aerospace grade composite body only adds 12 grams to your phone. Its open spacing on the bottom of the iPhone makes it easier to connect a microphone, light or cable. While its M-Series mount means you can still shoot with a Moment lens. This is the case we always wanted to make.

Moment Air

Which Drones?

As mentioned, this is all for DJI drones, but only for the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom.


If you are looking into getting a new drone and filter set, this is one of the best deals around. You can get the drone and filters for a discounted price. Back the project and save some cash.

For the pricing list and package info please click HERE.

Moment Air

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