Amzer TPU Case iPhone 5

The Amzer Soft Gel TPU Gloss Skin case is made from a soft and hard mix of material. The TPU style case offers the ability to keep the iPhone 5 from slipping on angled surfaces, prevents dust and will give some shock aborbtion. There is a landyard cut out to add more personalization. All ports and button are accessible with precise cutouts. This case is also offered in different colors to match your style.

At first I did not think that I would like a TPU style case back when I was getting into the smartphone accessories scene. But I have grown to like TPU style cases more and more. Amzer keeps my interest alive in TPU cases. I like the snug fit and material passes my preferences. Which is the ability to slide in and out my pocket easily but yet does not feel slippery. It keeps a slim profile that compliments the elegant design of the iPhone. Even though it is a slim case it still provides shock drop protection, scratch and dust resistant. I like how the entire frame is protected.

There are not many cons to this case, but I do want to point out the button covers. The volume and power button are covered up but they require more effort to press than I prefer. My suggestion is to use your finger nail to press the buttons which is easier than using your finger tip.

Overall this case is nice slim fit TPU style case that offers drop protection, style and everyday use functionality.

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