Amzer Shellster with Holster Case for Galaxy S4

Amzer’s Shellster case is a popular case from the company as they have for many other devices, so be sure to check out Amzer’s website full of accessories for just about any device.

For this review it is for the Galaxy S4. This edition is just like it’s older models with the same solid structure and features. Not much has changed with this case series, but I believe in if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This is a slim, snap-on, lightweight case that comes in a variety of colors.


All buttons and ports are accessible. The top and bottom are left exposed, but the benefit on the openness is most of not every accessory such as a dock or headphone jack will work. The buttons are easy to press without any hindrance of the press.

The case feels good in the hand. The structure has a little bit of grip tech involved but is not sticky. The case fits in the pocket with ease. It is a smooth surface with rounded edges. The edge of the case is raised above the screen slightly leaving it safe to place on a flat smooth surface.


The holster compliments the case rather nicely. It doesn’t really add too much bulk at all, which is nice because the phone is big enough without the case and I do not necessarily want a brick hanging off my belt.

If you like this case you can pick it up HERE

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