Amzer Organics Snap On Case iPhone 5

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Amzer’s Organic Snap On case for the iPhone 5 is not just average case. It looks rather simple but there is more than meets the eyes. The case is made from a bio-plastic resin which 100% bio-degradable. How many cases do you know of that is eco friendly? Cool stuff. All ports and buttons are fully¬†accessible. Antiscratch and is impact resistant. Thin profile.

The material is great. Goes against the norm. The plastic bio-degradable, smooth yet textured and thin. The case is durable without being bulky.

Some of the things that I look for in a thin profile case is:

  • If the case is easy for putting in and out of a pocket.
  • Does not collect lint.
  • Not slick in the hand.
  • Slightly raised above the screen.
  • Corner protection.
  • Does not leave finger prints.

All of what I look for in a thin case is designed right into the Organic Snap On.

Concerns to think of are:

  • This is not made for big drops.
  • The top and bottom are left a little exposed.

Other than those concerns this case is great for anyone looking for overall good protection, thin, eco-friendly and pocketable case.


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