Alexcious Timber Treats Wood iPhone 5 Case

Wooden cases have always intrigued me. The designs and creativity a wooden case can offer is really unique. The case designer has many options to choose from. Whether it is the build, engraving or patterns, the cases look really cool to me.

Here is a wood case for the iPhone 5 and is found over at This case is fully made out of wood. There is no liner, casing or any other materials. Just straight up wood. The company included some tips and pointers to maintain the case. The world has many climates and wood reacts to different environments. Thus, they include some extras to help keep up with your case. Nice attention to detail if you ask me.


The case offers great protection for a snap on style case. All corners are protected, the sides have a nice padding and the even thought the top and bottom are exposed the case exceeds beyond the power button and the bottom still leaves room for accessories to fit comfortably. The case is slightly raised above the screen giving minimal screen protection if placed on a flat surface.


The case feels good in the hand. The surface is smooth but not slippery and I feel confident it won’t slip out of my hand. Because of the rounded edges and smooth surface, the case if pocketable. All ports are accessible and relatively easy to press.

Overall, I like this case. I think it will catch attention from others because of the elegant design and unique construction. There are different shades of wood to choose from to match your style.

Like the case? Get it HERE

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