Acase Supreme Pro Dual Layer Protective Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Acase Supreme Pro is made from two layers of material, polycarbonate outer shell and a silicone inner skin. This is one of the best fitting two layer cases I have used. The two pieces connect together so well that after the complete installation the case looks like it is one piece and not two separate pieces. While the silicone skin is silicone, it actually feels more like a TPU material. The skin is firm and not flimsy like most silicone skins.


The Acase protects from bumps, scrapes and drops. Both layers add a nice cushion to protect against impacts. I am a fan of cases that cover all edges. All ports and buttons are accesible. The power and volume controls are covered by the silicone layer and all other ports have precise cutouts. The headphone jack cutout does not allow thick jack heads and will only let skinny jacks fit. Anything bigger than the size of the earbuds that came with the Galaxy S4 might have a problem fitting in the hole.


Color options are great for the Acase Supreme Pro, many to choose from. The silicone layer is all black and any of the outer shell layers will fit onto the silicone layer, meaning you can buy multiple colors of the outer shell and never have to take of the silicone piece.


Another feature I look for in a case is if it pocketable, which this case is. Both layers are smooth but not slippery in the sense that it will not slip out of your hand while using the device. But will still come in and out of the pocket with ease.

Overall, this case impressed me. It was the first time I have used an Acase and I was pleased with how the case worked with the Galaxy S4. I personally like the white color with the white Galaxy S4 because it kinda gives a Storm Trooper vibe to it. The black case is a matte finish which gives a cool stealth look. If you have a black GS4 the black case would look pretty sleek and stealthy. The other colors look great with the phone too. I really like the protective and pocketability of the case. This is definitely a good daily driver case.

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