Best Web Hosting Service

4 tips for selecting the best web hosting service for your wedding business in Australia

If you are starting an online business or expanding it, it is very important that you consider the right web hosting services. These services differ from country to country and prices are also different. Web hosting in Australia can be a good move for an online business but there are a few things to consider before you make a move to web hosting services there.

Best Web Hosting Service

  1. Type of Hosting

The type of hosting is very important to consider when you are seeking web hosting services in Australia. It depends on the type of speed you want on your website and also the type you can afford. There are different types of hosting namely:

Dedicated hosting- this is the most expensive type of hosting. You have your own server and resources, hence is suitable for large business with a lot of traffic.

Share- loading- it’s a cheap type of hosting that comprises of shared resources and servers with other websites. Its disadvantage is that it is slow and prone to crashing.

VPN hosting- this type of hosting balances between dedicated and share-loading hosting. It has the aspect of sharing a server but with its own independent resources.

Reseller hosting- this is where a company will sell you hosting but the servers are in the main company. Its disadvantage is when the website crashes, it might take longer to fix since the reseller might not have direct access to the company’s server.

  1. Check the Company Package and Reviews.

Different companies have different packages that are most affordable to the customer. Most of the time, when choosing a web host, you should consider its reviews. If you are working on a budget then the cost is also important. For example, you can use Siteground that is user-friendly, has fast service and a 30-day money back guarantee or Panthur that has excellent support and is affordable. This is the best web hosting comparison on Hosting foundry.

  1. Client Size and Location

You should consider the actual number of clients and also have a projected number of clients that you would want to have.  A large client size will mean that expansion is crucial to your business and website at large. If your clients are Australian based, then having a web hosting there will be better than in other countries. This is because if your server is in Australia then your resident clients can access your website easier and it will load faster than if its server was in another country. Your customer base should be Australian so as to help build your business economically and also support your resident workers.

  1. Bandwidth and Storage

The number of clients and traffic project should be the basis of checking a web host’s bandwidth and storage. If you pick a smaller package it will be generally slow hence if your data may exceed the agreed bandwidth and storage, you face penalties from the host. This may not be good mostly if you are working on a budget.

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