30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 8 – Joe’s Walking!

Part of being a parent is experiencing new joys and accomplishments your child achieves every day. It seems as though there is a new experience each day. As many of you may know I am a stay-at-home Dad, full time college student and not too mention some part time work with some hobbies here and there. Regardless, I am around my kids all day and I count that as a HUGE blessing! Not every dad, if much at all, get to raise their kids from birth to toddler age. I am so thankful for witnessing my son’s whole first year of life and my daughter’s last year and half.

2013-11-02 09.16.37With all that time there are many nuggets of joy my kids have given me and today Joe contributed to the collection of memories. He took his first steps! Earlier this evening my family went over to a friend of Christen for dinner and while we were there Joe started walking on his own. I don’t think he made it past 5 steps, but if you have any experience with kids, the progression of learning how to walk goes into overdrive. The last couple weeks Christen and I on a number of occasions told each other it’s only a matter of time (very short time) Joe will be walking. He seemed to always have this expectation of it’s about to happen. Sure enough tonight the little man started walking.


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