30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 6 – Our New Home

I have been blessed with a smart hard working woman as my wife. She has a talent for money management and setting financial goals. Ever since we have been married we have not really liked the idea of renting a place to live, we would rather invest our money and feel like it’s not going to waste or even in sense paying someone else’s mortgage. After five years of marriage we were able to buy our first house!

I’m grateful for how God has provided and invested in us. We are thankful for our new home. Now that we are a family of four apartments just seemed to get smaller and smaller. We have double the space and actually have places to put things away. We were welcomed to the neighborhood by some nice people and even got a blueberry pie! I thought that stuff only happened in the good ole movies! We never got that kind of welcome at an apartment complex.

Other simple things that I have grown to appreciate is the ability to take care my own property and space to have an office setup. If you’ve known me for a little while you would know I used to work in the lawn care/ landscaping business. Thus, it was a great manly feeling to be able to pamper my own yard versus the dozens of yards/ property owned by others.

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The Samsung Galaxy S 3 at Wirefly!

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