30 days of Thanksgiving: Day 20 – My Recliner

Probably one of my favorite possessions I have in my house is my recliner. It’s not some high-end, overpriced chairs, but it is still just about perfect for me. My wife surprised me one Christmas with the gift and it has turned out to be a much appreciated gift.

There is nice back support, the headrest feels like a pillow and the legs kick out at a nice length (us tall peeps appreciate such designs).

Not only is comfortable, it is always there for me. After a long hard day at work, being away from home or just in need of some down time; this recliner feels great to kick back and take a breather. Another perk is my little girl like to have what I call “recliner time” where we sit together to watch tv, read a book or simply be.

Every dude needs a recliner.

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