Prank it Forward,The gift of giving hope and a smile (holidays edition 2014)

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Writer at Bane Tech
Website bios, hehe lets do this! To start I would like to say if you are reading this, thank you! I love hacking all that is Android and hope you like it the same! I started with the Viewsonic G Tablet (the first to sale the Tegra 2 mainstream in the US), lol the good old days! I started writing about Xposed frameworks in late 2013, helping people hack Android without the need for a custom rom (still love the rom community) great work guys!
September 28, 2014 was the date I started writing for Bane-Tech, and happy to have meet a great friend Joshua Bane! I enjoy technology and love to update and teach people on how-to get the most out of their tech! That's me to date but subject to change
Cheers all because I'm Rooting for you!!!
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When we think of the Holidays in the United States like Thanksgiving and Christmas we end up leaning towards Family and love ones, seasonal decorations, homemade traditional food dishes, gifts and presents, and promotional pricing and deals (Black Friday and Cyber Monday)! All of which is important to us but number one is always family […]

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