Health, fitness, and tech (This turned out to be more about health and attitude, but tech is included)

Writer at Bane Tech
Married to my best friend since 1987. We have six grand-children and three great-grandchildren.
Began writing for Bane-Tech August 2014, due to an ever-growing passion for mobile and Android in particular.
Computer programmer 1981 to 2015. Currently retired. Active You Tuber (Mobile Geezer:
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Sax player and singer in various bands (rock and R&R) since the mid 60's. Avid motorcycle rider (Gold Wing), bicyclist and exercise enthusiast. Extreme lover of driving and biking (motorcycle). The more thousand miles the trip, the happier I am as the driver.
Dedicated, Bible-believing Christian who makes no judgments on others .

I’ll be 72 years old in a few weeks. If you didn’t know why my YouTube channel is Mobile Geezer, you know now. The reason that I bring it up is that we live in a world, especially in the US, that seems to believe that getting older means accepting my health as a matter […]

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