FREE Apple Music subscription with Verizon Unlimited plans!

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Verizon has added a really nice perk for anyone signing up for their Unlimited plans. When subscribing to Verizon Unlimited plans you’ll get 6 months of Apple Music for free! Mind that while this is Apple Music, there is an Android app for us Android users. As a matter of fact, Apple Music is what […]

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An Apple streaming service was unavoidable

Outspoken and sometimes controversial technology evangelist. Disabled technology inclusion preacher and marathon runner - my free time is extremely limited!

For millions and millions of mobile users iTunes is inseparable from music. Since the birth of the iPod Apple’s platform supplies anything they wish to listen to – all be it 99p per track at a time. Unfortunately for Apple much as the 8 track, the cassette tape and the CD before it; the digital […]

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